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26 October 2008


joni webb

such beautiful eye candy!!! lovely!!

thank you so much for your comment today - much appreciated!

My Pink & Cream Cottage

Hey Vicki
I love the photos you put in your posts, they just make my mouth water. I am sad to say I only have one Romantic Homes & was considering buying a subscription but with the price of our $ now think I will have to wait for awhile. Will also have to look at my Newsagent getting it in for me.
I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now & always love to be taken away to another world with your photos.
Oh by the way your sisters bench is really lovely & I think the fabric is perfect.

Enjoy the rest of your night

Lyn xoxo

Carla Balfour

Hi Vicki,
I love Romantic Homes too, it did change there for awhile, but lately I am loving it.
I also love your Blog and love the photos you take. I have just come back to NZ after hubby and I did a house-sitting stint in Queensland....we are so missing the gorgeous weather over there. I wish I had known about the Paddington Antique Centre!!!

NZ Carla


hey there vicki,
Im closing my blog to ivited readers only I know I have your email somewhere but I cannot seem to bring it up, can you email me or leave a comment on my blog with your email so I can invite you to read my blog once it's closed! Thanks mandii
[email protected]


Oh my gosh... these are indeed lovely lovely photographs... one can't never get tire of looking at those gorgeous rooms... thanks for sharing, Vicky.... and so good to see you!



Alison Gibbs

What fabulous photos from the magazine. It has so many gotgeous things in it.


I love those photos - i agree with you re the Romantic Homes - it can be a bit hit and miss but lately i am loving it too, the first few photos i am sure i have that one but will have to check out ebay and get some more - the postage for a few is not too bad at all. Shame the $$$ has taken such a dive! Yes those photos are definitely swoon material. Makes me want a huge chandelier and big table - on my wish list. Mel xxx
p.s have you been to my blog to see those Nahemas this week?

Pearl Maple

Beautiful collection of images you are sharing with us this week, all so inspiring to see what one could do with a bit of vision and white paint.

The bench is a great little treasure to find. In a couple of month's I'll be starting a search closer to the city for new lodgings, fingers crossed for a darling little vintage inspired unit with a lovely garden view is out there waiting to be found.

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